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You can HATE me -- after you PAY me!

If you need me I'm your man.

Cad Bane
23 January
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"Master Cad Bane, I presume. I've heard much about you. Who hasn't?
The greatest hunter since Jango lost his head…"


One of the galaxy's most lethal, ruthless, fearsome, and deadly bounty hunters, Cad Bane earned the reputation of the leading blaster-for-hire during the Clone Wars, filling the position that fellow mercenary Jango Fett had left vacant when he perished on Geonosis at the beginning of the conflict. Bane had much less moral content than Fett, often turning upon his own clients unless he was paid. Bane's usual rate was of a considerable price, and he requested more pay from his clients at every opportunity. However, if the price was right, he could not be stopped and would track his quarry to the ends of the galaxy if necessary; nothing was more important to him than credits. A skilled and cunning fighter, Bane was capable in both blaster and close combat. Despite his enjoyment of a good fight, he preferred stealth and surprise tactics instead of a direct fight when the possibility arose. He stayed a step ahead of his enemies by being prepared for any turns that the situation might take.

Bane has stolen a Jedi Holicron, killed a senator, escaped Republic execution and mocked the Jedi Order right to its face....

and he's only JUST begun.

Full Name: Cad Bane
Species: Duros
Homeworld: Duro
Height: 1.7 meters
Weight: 130lbs
Age: Unknown
Build: Slim
Skin Color: Blue-Green
Eyes: Red
Occupation: Bounty hunter, Mercenary, Whatever he's paid for.
Affiliation: Highest Bidder

-Twin BlasTech–engineered LL-30 model Blasters.
- Multiple small explosives.
- Removable cybernetic breathing tubes.
;allows for breathing in harsh environments.
;adds immunity to force-choke.
- durasteel magno-grip boots.
;equipped with Mitrinomon jetpack thrusters.
;rivals force speed and protects from force push.
- Cybernetic wrist gauntlets.
;various built in tools.
;grappling hook.
;non-lethal stunners.
- May have additional weapons.
(Bane's equipment is designed to counter Force-abilities.
He is only IMMUNE to choke; others are simply attempted to resist.)

- Hello, I'm your (kinda) friendly Space Cowboy! Listen up, son!
- I neither care nor wish to get into debates about how much you know/like or don't know/don't like about Star Wars.
- Fighting's all fun and games but I do not want to do it all the time. I will not accept godmoding nor will I engage in it myself. I am here to roleplay - not get into masculine wars.
- In a serious messenger/note RP I will expect at least one paragraph with decent spelling and a hint of grammar.
;I'm not a Nazi about it, however.
- Adult/Smut RP is all fine and dandy but I reserve the right to refuse and please respect that.
- Plot BEFORE Porn. I will not just e-bang you.
- Bane is Pay-me-first!sexual in most cases. Switcharooni, Cowboy up.
;he'll hit on all the 'Pretty' he sees fit tho.
;I'm not particular a fan of super submissive males. If you're 'bottom only' don't bother me. I'm more of a fan of toppin' the ladies and aggressively bottoming to the guys. But I can switch it up if you're not a putz.

I prefer AIM -- but I will play over entries and comments here if you contact me via e-mail.
E-mail: blasterforhire@aol.com
AIM: blasterforhire