[OOC] About this Journal.

This is an RP journal for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars character Cad Bane.
I do not own Star Wars or the character, I am simply playing him.

I am currently looking for both plot based het and slash storylines either to play in entries/comments here or over AIM. Please read my rules on my profile page before contacting me.

Character is currently involved in: executeorder69 

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Youngling, you've been holding out on me.

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Ding Ding [OOC POST]

blaster for hire (1:33:32 AM): I ship Cad with some many people. He's like my fandom bicycle.
Bleak Divination (1:33:55 AM): Lulz.
blaster for hire (1:34:22 AM): M/F: Cad/Ahsoka Cad/Padme Aurra/Cad Cad/Cato
M/M: Kit/Cad Hondo/Cad Anakin/Cad ANYONEWHOPAYS/Cad

blaster for hire (1:34:50 AM): Even Palpy.
Bleak Divination (1:36:28 AM): ... you're wrong. You're all wrong.
Bleak Divination (1:36:31 AM): Credits + Cad = OTP
blaster for hire (1:36:40 AM): Yes. That is the OTP
blaster for hire (1:36:44 AM): and well Cad/his hat
Bleak Divination (1:36:56 AM): Dear Internets: We now need a fic.
Bleak Divination (1:37:02 AM): ... of Cad fucking a hat full of credits.
blaster for hire (1:37:09 AM): True love.
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Dear Player

A lot of recent RPs have found me without my clothes on 'n' its not even sexy times.

No no, I'm amused. But Imma jus' warn you that if I catch a cold 'n' miss a job I'll hurt you.