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18 June 2011 @ 01:26 am
[OOC] About this Journal.  
This is an RP journal for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars character Cad Bane.
I do not own Star Wars or the character, I am simply playing him.

I am currently looking for both plot based het and slash storylines either to play in entries/comments here or over AIM. Please read my rules on my profile page before contacting me.

Character is currently involved in: executeorder69 

Current Character wants:
Kit Fisto.
Aurra Sing.
Maaaaaaaybe I'll play with Anakin. Maaaaybe.
Well thought out OCs and good crossovers. (Star Trek, Star Chaser, The Fifth Element ect) 
However, I have an older Ahsoka player and will not accept another.
Also, even tho I don't list much here, you may approach me with any character you think might work. This can be canon, crossover or OC. No marysues please.

What I expect from you:
At least one paragraph per post. More is awesome.
Decent grammar and spelling.
If you're playing a canon character try to stay IC.
Plot. At least a little. Again, please read the rules in my profile.

You can contact me at AIM: blasterforhire
(I tend to ghost, so just hit me up anyway, best bet is to leave a comment here with your AIM name and I'll add you.)
or e-mail: blasterforhire@aol.com.

Or just leave a comment here.
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